Specialty training programs and courses, on the ground and in the air.

These courses and training programs will complement your pilot’s skills. Each program has different requirements and availabilities. Please contact us to find out more about costs and requirements for each program.

Canadian Aviation Regulations: This subject covers rules and regulations regarding general aviation as well as particular subjects that govern the legal side of flying helicopters.

Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight: This subject covers all the theory of how the helicopter flies

Meteorology: This subject covers the weather we fly in. It also allows us to interpret aviation weather data to make correct and safe decisions about when and when not to fly.

Engines, Airframes and systems: This subject deals with the different types of engines, from piston to turbine. It also looks at construction of airframes and types of systems that could be found inside a helicopter, for example, hydraulics or floats.

Radio Navigation theory: This subject covers navigation computers, radio theory and pilot navigation aids such as VOR and ADF and GPS.

Navigation: This subject details maps and charts and flight planning to help a pilot figure out where to go.

Flight Operations: This covers the most amount of practical use for a pilot. Included here are subjects such as helicopter performance, weight and balance, Performance charts and wake turbulence.

Human Factors: This subject covers aviation physiology and pilot making decisions.

Night Endorsement: Lift the restriction of a day VFR licence with a night endorsement.

Spray Training: R44 and Bell 206 crop and forestry training.

Net Slinging: Learn how to handle a short line with a net.

Long lining: Learn how to fly a precision 100ft long line.

Winter Survival Training: Winter training with practical application of survival techniques, pad building, survival fires, and shelters. Practical use of marshalling signals, external loads, and correct use of performance issues and techniques will be discussed.

Instructor Rating: Learn what it takes to teach the next generation of helicopter pilots

Type Endorsement: RH22, RH44, Bell 206 available

Maintenance Course: This course will provide a solid foundation for the student to be a safe and proficient commercial helicopter pilot. The course will include identifying the main hazards, incidents, and accidents in the rotor wing industry and will address the corrective actions required to achieve optimum safety standards.

First Aid: First Aid training is outsourced on an as-required basis.

Egress: Egress training is outsourced on an as-required basis.