Our Transport Canada Certified Flight Training Device – “Ticketmaster” is used in the private, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor courses. The Flight Training Device is equipped with GPS and contains an extensive database which provides students the opportunity to practice navigation and instrument procedures anywhere in the World, including right off our runways here at Waterloo International Airport!

Ticketmaster is a Level 2 FTD configured and set-up to resemble the cockpit of the Robinson R22 / R44 Type Helicopters. The certified FTD allows students to legally log up to 5 Flight Hours at a fraction of the cost of flight time in a real helicopter.

Ticketmaster is equipped with a single LCD Monitor and a screen projection system that projects a semi-realistic outside view to both the Student and Instructor.

Ticketmaster has a separate Instructor Station, allowing the Instructor to observe and manage flight conditions. Additionally, multiple systems failures can be setup, as well, the instructor has control over the environmental conditions as seen by the pilots

Even without an Instructor, Ticketmaster is always ready and available for utilization by our students at anytime. We encourage our students to use the Simulator to practice and to aid in becoming proficient in all helicopter flight regimes.